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Conferences, courses, workshops etcetera - organized by participants of the Federation and/or fitting the FMMH aims

Christian faith and mental health: An introductory practical course for christian professionals

19 januari 2018 t/m 13 april 2018

Zwolle, the Netherlands

Sprekers Rens Filius, Gerrit Glas, Ewoud de Jong, Piet Verhagen
Kosten € 675,- / a 10% discount for CVPPP-members
Organisatie KICG

Meaningmaking in mental healthcare

25 januari 2018

Deventer, the Netherlands

Sprekers dr. Hanneke Schaap, dr. Jaap van der Stel, Janneke Hengeveld-Slöetjes, dr. René van Leeuwen, and more
Kosten € 85,-
Organisatie Dimence, VIAA, KICG
Flyer 180125_Symposium_Zingeving_in_de_GGZ_-_Hoe_dan-1.pdf

Minisymposium: Assessment of Existential Anxiety

02 februari 2018


Sprekers Gerrit Glas, Vincent van Bruggen, Shirly Alon, Ernst Bohlmeijer
Kosten --
Organisatie Dimence Groep, VU University Amsterdam, University of Twente
Informatie register at:
Flyer 180202_Minisymposium_Assessment_of_Existential_Anxiety.docx

Cultural and moral aspects of loss

06 april 2018

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Sprekers prof. dr. Rolf Kleber, prof. dr. Jan van den Bout, dr. Joanna Wojtkowiak, drs. Guus van Loenen
Kosten € 65,- / KSGV-members: € 30,-
Organisatie KSGV

1st annual symposium on Religion, Spirituality and Psyche: The therapeutic relationship in perspective

20 april 2018

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Sprekers Prof. Dr. Arjan Braam, Dr. Vincent van Bruggen, Prof. Dr. Gerrit Glas, Dr. Cor Hoffer, Drs. Joke van Nieuw-Amerongen-Meeuse, Drs. Eva Ouwehand, Drs. Peter Verhagen
Kosten € 295,- / registration before februari 26th: € 260,- / students: € 175,-
Organisatie Lemion

International conference: Forgiveness in Health, Medicine and Social Sciences

17 mei 2018 t/m 19 mei 2018

Coventry, UK

Sprekers Everett Worthington
Kosten € 280,- to € 320,- / Students € 180,- to € 220,-
Organisatie Research Institute for Spirituality and Health (RISH) & British Association for the Study of Spirituality (BASS)